Ruth Starseed


Starseed Light Workers carry a psychological blueprint, a trace memory of having lived in other star systems; the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, and more. Starseeds have a mission to bring love and healing to earth. At other times, in other lifetimes and star systems, Starseeds received training on spirituality, unity, oneness, unconditional love and the importance of group consciousness. Starseeds bring the message that we are all Spiritual Beings of Light on earth. We are here to help and serve others.

The Starseed Message

*Serving others is a way to open your heart while helping others. The Starseed message is one of Service. Reaching out daily to support others is of paramount importance. To this end, Ruth Starseed facilitates groups in the State Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania supporting the residents, the men who sit vigil at the bedside of the dying prisoner.

We are all One spiritual light emanating from Divine Consciousness.

We come into this life as Spiritual Beings of Light and leave this life as Spiritual Beings of Light.

In each incarnation, we must recognize that all people, everywhere on earth, in every solar system, are Spiritual Beings of Light.

The Universe, God Consciousness, is held together by love.

Heal your heart.

Develop compassion, empathy, and love.

Develop inner wisdom through meditation and prayer.       

Starseed Light workers disseminate light and love.

Starseed Light Workers serve others with a loving and a giving heart.

Daily attunement through meditation connects Starseeds to Higher Consciousness.

Starseeds are Co-Creators with all that is. We become a pure channel and hear the guidance and messages from the Divine Wisdom.

Starseeds serve humanity. To this end, Ruth Starseed provides support services to inmates who sit vigil at the bedside of the dying prisoner. Ruth Starseed is an advocate for compassionate release. 

Starseed Light Works receive messages through their dreams, portals to other planes of consciousness.

Love, Light, Healing, and Many Blessings,

Ruth Starseed