Relaxation International
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Ruth Hoskins, PhD, H.H.S., LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and the Director of Relaxation International. She has a PhD in holistic health sciences (H.H.S.), is a stress management consultant, grief counselor, support therapist for a local hospice, and national trainer for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. She presents educational programs on stress management, spirituality, effortless meditation, balancing work and home life, and how to cope with grief and loss. She is an adjunct professor teaching Health Psychology, mind, connection at Chestnut Hill College. For over forty years, she has been teaching resiliency skills including effortless meditation to help balance life and manage change. 

For the past fourteen years Ruth has been the Co-Captain for the American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health (DMH) team. She facilitates trainings for the Red Cross on Psychological First Aid (PFA), and volunteers for the American Red Cross Spiritual Care Team  (DSC).

Ruth provides support services and facilitates a group for inmates, men who volunteer for the hospice program at Graterford SCI and sit vigil at the bedside of the dying prisoner. In June 2015, she was the Keynote Speaker at the Philadelphia Prison's 37th volunteer banquet and awards ceremony. Drawing on her experiences from the inmate volunteer hospice support group at Graterford, she spoke about Resiliency; Building strength from within. 

She is the Director of the Philadelphia Relaxation Resilience Prison Program.