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Spiritual Beings of Light Oracle Cards. Open your heart and mind to the voice of the angels and spiritual guidance
For Starseeds:Healing the Heart-Pleiadian Crystal Meditations
Spiritual Beings of Light Oracle Cards

The Spiritual Beings of Light Oracle Cards remind you that you are a spiritual being of light on earth. Through the Spiritual Beings of Light Oracle Cards, you are provided the opportunity to move into a more spiritual path, toward the Light and heal your heart. Open yourself to these divine messages and receive love and blessings from the Higher Realms.The Spiritual Beings of Light Oracle cards increase intuition and provide inner guidance. Discoveries regarding yourself and the magic of the universe await you. This is your time. Experience the wonder of the inner journey.


For Starseeds: Healing the Heart-Pleiadian Crystal Healing Meditations.


Twenty eight healing meditations open the spiritual seeker to higher consciousness and heal the heart.
We are all One Light
We come into this life as a spiritual being of light. We leave this life as a
spiritual being of light.
In each incarnation, we must recognize that all people, everywhere on earth, in every solar system, are spiritual beings of light-from One Source.

The Universe is held together by Love.
Heal your heart.
Develop compassion and empathy.
Develop inner wisdom through meditation and prayer.
Starseed Lightworkers disseminate light. love, and truth.
Service to others is the highest form of love and gives back to the creator of all life.

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