Ruth Starseed

Resiliency Training in Philadelphia Prison

When asked the following, the comments were as follows.


Question: "What was your favorite part of the program?" 

Answer: "Inhaling and Exhaling." "Talking and sharing." "Diaphragmatic Breathing. Relieving stress, Leaving this place mentally, if only for the time being."


Question: "What do you remember the most from the program?" 

Answer: "Relaxing and voice of the instructor. "How to relax your mind." "Listening to the DVD and meditation."


Question: "Did you practice any of the breathing exercises or meditation?"

Answer: "From time to time." "Yes, whenever I am stressed." "Yes everyday."


Question: "Would you like the program to continue?"

Answer: "Yes"  "Yes" "Yes" "Yes, but I am soon to be released."


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