Relaxation International
Education= Support=Counseling=Advocacy
*Educational programs on resiliency training, stress management, communication, holistic health including aging gracefully, grief and loss, pain management, communicating with the dying patient, and helping families cope at end of life.

*Continuing Education Units C EU for social workers. 

*Educational workshops on self-care to reduce staff related compassion fatigue.

*Resiliency and stress management workshops that teach the relaxation response to reduce pain at end of life.

*Ongoing grief support and bereavement services. 

*Hospice psycho-educational support groups for inmates who provide vigil at the bedside of the dying prisoner. 

*Supporting and advocating for inmate compassionate release a process where terminally ill prisoners may be eligible for release at end of life.

*Mindfulness Meditation Quiet the Mind Heal Mind and Body


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