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Ruth Hoskins, Ph.D.,H.H.S., LCSW

CEU’s available in PA for social workers. Nursing available upon request.



2-Yoga in a chair

3-Identifying Violence in the Workplace

4-Compassion Fatigue

5-The Benefits of Healing Touch

6-Work Life Balance

7-Dreams: How to heal your life

8-Crystals and healing your heart


10-Effortless Meditation to reduce stress

11-Stress management

12-Health and Wellness

13-The Aging Brain

14-Dementia or is it Depression-the signs

15-Alzhiemer’s stages

16-Neuroplasticity or re-mapping the brain

17-Appreciation and fun for increased productivity at work

18-Anger management at work and home

19-Job burn-out end stage of stress

20-Manging Emotions at Work

21-Cultural Diversity and end of life issues

22-Cultural Diversity and pain management

23-Cultural Diversity an Overview

24-Communication in the workplace

25-Managing Change and Transition during Loss

26-Critical Incident Trauma and Stress

27-Spirituality in the Workplace

28-Stages of Grief and Loss/Elizabeth Kubler Ross

29-Resiliency Skills

30-Conflict Resolution

31-Advanced Directives and the Five Wishes

32-Dealing with the Combative Client

33-Healing Benefits of music

34-Dreams and prophecy

35-Basic Counseling Techniques

36-Communicating with the Dying Patient

37-Walking in Their Shoes/compassion and empathy skills

38-Sensitivity Training

39-The Cultural of Death and Dying

40-Family Dynamics/Grief and Loss/end of Life

41-Aging Gracefully

42-Wellness Workshop

43-Death and dying

44-Breathing Techniques for Relaxation

45-The benefits of a healing touch

46-Bringing more joy into your life

47-Mind Body Health

48-Improving Sleep

49-Eating for good health

50 Managing stress with resiliency training

51-Regulating emotions and attitude

52-Improve thinking improve life